About US

Our specialty is short and long equities, special situations at the market, growth for a reasonable price and bonds.

Malibu Report was founded in the 2011 year as a private research firm. Founder of this company, Doctor John Moody, specializes in biotechnologies. He was a head engineer in the international company located in Swedish during many years. When his family decided to move to the USA, he followed them and started his business in sunny California.

Moody became a prosperous investor in several months. It was not luck, he knew how to use knowledge in biotech market, to find optimal companies for investments. Other investors saw it and began asking him for a help. It was the time when he wrote his book Don’t Be Afraid of Technologies, sharing some of his knowledge with others. The book became a bestseller. He received many thankful letters from people who followed his advice. Some of them wanted to receive his consultations about the market. So he found other analysts who worked with different areas of the market. And this is how Courage was created.

We started to make weekly newsletters with analysis of markets inside. After a while clients began to ask for portfolios. Together with Moody, we produced thousands of portfolios.
Also, we provide advice on shares, analyzing charts from their companies. We have hundreds of clients at our database, and thousands of newsletter subscribers.